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Here, we celebrate the rich history of public transportation infrastructure in Boston.
This site is built aound Boston in Transit, the book.
We've also created a map documenting the history of the MBTA's colored lines.
Our collection contains hundreds of images, ephemera, and artifacts.

Photo of gallery showing exhibit "Getting Around Town"

Curatorial Tours of our Exhibit "Getting Around Town"

Join us at the Leventhal Map & Education Center at the Boston Public Library for a tour of our new exhibition, Getting Around Town: Four Centuries of Mapping Boston in Transit, with guest curator Steven Beaucher! We'll take a trip through 400 years of transit history, explore over 100 maps, photographs, guides, and ephemera, and chat with Steven about the exhibition and his work more broadly.

Format will be informal with questions and discussion welcome.

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Exhibit Logo for Getting Around Town

Check out our exhibit!

We are excited to have guest curated an exhibit at the Leventhal Map and Education Center at the Boston Public Library. Using maps, photos, and ephemera from the Boston in Transit collection, we'll tell the story of Boston's nearly four centuries of public transportation history!

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Starting in 2019, we began the process of digitizing images from various collections. Every month we add more content, including photographs, drawings, ephemera, and more.

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